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Available 24/7

Are you in a breakdown or have you had an accident? Try to keep calm and contact us on +32 475 70 90 29. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will come and help you as soon as possible. This both on the road and at your home, and nationally and abroad.

Most modern material

We are always well equipped to carry out all types of towing work quickly and efficiently. Each tow truck has the necessary tools to tow in any place and according to the rules of the art. This for passenger cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses.

Repairs and parking

You can contact us for more than just towing services. For example, can you no longer start your car? Or do you have no space to store your stranded truck? In addition to towing; we also take care of the repair, displacement and storage of your vehicle. We professionally assist you from start to finish.



Recognized towing service with the most modern equipment



In 1972 Luc Meurrens took his first steps in the world of car mechanics and breakdown service as a 20-year-old. It didn't take long before he founded Meurrens Depannage.


In 1985, his wife Lucia joined the company.

She mainly focuses on administrative tasks, but she also does not shy away from towing at home and abroad. 

We immediately invested in the very best material and became a true forerunner in his profession. 

Effective towing fork


Every situation is unique, and therefore so are our vehicles. We possess various tow trucks that can correctly tow all types of vehicles. These have a towing fork system: a more efficient and faster way of working, which limits additional damage to the vehicle.

Tuned models


Our fleet is equipped in such a way that we can tow all brands. Thanks to the sliding flatbed, even low-built or tuned models are no problem. The tow trucks equipped with this also have a crane to lift cars stranded on the side without damage.

Crane works


We tow more than just vehicles. Fallen trees, water and septic tanks, debris from a burned-out house: just a few examples of the many situations in which we come to the rescue. You can also count on us for demolition and roofing work.

Central location


Thanks to its central location, Meurrens Depannage is never far away. Find out below how far you are from them:

E314 Aarschot, ramp 22: 9.2 km
E314 Kessel-Lo, ramp 19: 12.2 km
E314 Tielt-Winge, ramp 23: 11.7 km
E314, ramp 21, Holsbeek: 12 km
E314, ramp 24, Bekkevoort: 12.8 km
E314, ramp 18, Leuven: 12 km
E40 Haasrode, ramp 23: 13.7 km
E40 Boutersem, ramp 24: 11.5 km
E40 Tienen, ramp 25: 20.5 km
Heverlee interchange: 18 km

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